Q1. How to get my eQSL (eqsl's)?
A1. First choose your section. On the top of logbook page enter your callsign. Click on the button "Search". After you have got the result click the link "eQSL for your_callsign" on the right part of the screen to get your QSL.

Q2. I'm true collector and collect paper QSL only! How to get QSL?
A2. You should send your card to my QSL MANAGER 1AT070 Simon. For adress please check AT Members Directory from AT website. Dont forget - standard AT contribution is 2 USD.

Q3. You have an interesting logbook, what is it? Where can I get it?
A3. This is homemade web-logbook, which I developing in my spare time. It is still under development.

Q4. We had QSO some time ago. How i can send you my E-QSL?
A4. You can send your e-QSL to my e-mail @ or upload it via my guestbook.